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Networked systems

I'm running a small cluster of machines, all of which I'd like to
convert to Debian (of course :-).  I would also like to use Debian
binary packages for this, without need for a recompile.

The problem is that not all machines have space to store every program
locally.  Some things (like all Emacs files, all TeX fonts, ...) are
just too big.

I'd like to keep architecture-dependent files (such as binaries, ...)
under /usr/segment instead of /usr, and architecture-independent
files under /usr/common/segement (which are shared with other
machines).  Normally, /usr/segment and /usr/common would be

Since many packages have their paths compiled in, the only way I see
would be to install the actual binaries in /usr/segment/bin, then
make a soft link from /usr/bin to there.  Ditto for /usr/common.

Does anybody have other ways to accomplish this?  What do you think
of a dpkg extension for this kind of thing?
Thomas Koenig, Thomas.Koenig@ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de, ig25@dkauni2.bitnet.
The joy of engineering is to find a straight line on a double
logarithmic diagram.

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