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new people.html on web pages

The page listing contributors to Debian has been updated.
It can be viewed as
or you can wait for it to be mirrored.

It new has the capability of listing web pages and people who don't
maintain packages. If you aren't listed and/or would like your web
page to be shown, please send mail to sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca
(in the future send corrections to webmaster@debian.org).

The script handles most mistakes people make in their package files.
The listings for Patrick J. Edwards, Michael R. Nonweiler and
Shaya Potter are wrong because of problems in their package files
which aren't easily corrected. Brian White's entry will be corrected
as soon as I find the problem. Thanks to Christian Schwartz for
making the changes to the generating script.
Please report any other problems you find.

- Sue

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