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Re: Proposal: Using Hypernews to discuss development issues

On Mar 2, Kai Henningsen wrote
> dunham@dunham.tcimet.net (Steve Dunham)  wrote on 01.03.97 in <m2wwrrefzh.fsf@dunham.tcimet.net>:
> >  What do people think? Would this improve Debian's ability to discuss
> >  issues?
> Doing a mailing list via WWW?

No. Please check out the Kernel Hackers Guide at
for a practical example.

The idea with the KHG is not to replace mailing lists. The KHG is a document
that is in constant flux. An editor (Michael K. Johnson) maintains the core
of the document, while HyperNews is used to receive feedback and input on
it, which (when suitable) will be integrated into the core document.

Think of it as a groupware-like documentation development system.

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