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Re: Proposal: Using Hypernews to discuss development issues

Kai Henningsen wrote:

> Doing a mailing list via WWW?
> In my very unhumble opinion, the web is completely unsuited to this sort  
> of task.
> If you want to keep those issues together, use mail programs that support  
> threading.
> I find the idea of going on the web for discussions quite revolting.
> MfG Kai

I sort of agree, but something like HyperNews might still be useful.

Also, the latest version allows people to subscribe to a specific 
web forum, and receive the postings (and possibly post) via regular

I think that it may be useful for discussion and reference material
that is specific to certain packages and not of general interest.

We've got to do something about the volume of posts on the Debian
mailing lists.  I missed several days this week, and I just came in
and I'm totally overwhelmed by the number of posts.  I don't have
enough time to read them all.

So, I'm going to set it up...  but consider it experimental for
the time being.


 - Jim

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