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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> writes:

Chris> I think most of the old tex packages can be automatically
Chris> uninstalled with a variation on this.  But the tetex-base
Chris> and/or -bin need to Provides the old packages so things don't
Chris> blow up in process.

I am confused.  What are these ``things'' and how will they ``blow
up''?  The package mentioned in the Provides field are virtual package
names.  Do we have an alternative (La)TeX system in Debian so that we
need virtual packages?

>>> - Why does tetex-doc " Conflicts: latex2e-doc" and "Replaces:
>>> latex2e-doc"?  They seem to have no files in common.
>>  /usr/info/latex* are identical in content.

Chris> $ dpkg -c bo/binary/tex/tetex-doc_0.4pl6-1.deb | grep
Chris> \/usr\/info

Chris> Shows up no such files.

>>  Do you use TeX alot, Chris?  I ask because, in my opinion, the 1.2
>> distribution is crap, and tetex is the standard TeX distribution
>> nowadays.

Chris> Not a lot.  Though I used it recently.  We just had a long
Chris> thread on QA.  And I think we shouldn't allow packages that
Chris> break dselect.  

There are 2 stability issues: (1) the stability of the upgrade (2) the
stability of the (La)TeX system.

For (1), we'll try to make tetex go smoothly with dselect but the
worse-case scenario is an upgrade script.

For (2), I think there is little doubt that tetex is more stable than
Debian TeX as a system.  The poor quality of Debian TeX is also a QA

Chris> I think tetex can be packaged so that it
Chris> doesn't break dselect.  This idea should be pursued before the
Chris> ugly manual intervention scripts are brought out, IMHO.


Billy C.-M. Chow <cmchow@se.cuhk.edu.hk>
Department of Systems Engineering       
The Chinese University of Hong Kong    

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