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Re: needing new kernel-image maintainer

>>"Sven" == Sven Rudolph <sr1@os.inf.tu-dresden.de> writes:

Sven> Currently I'm the maintainer of kernel-image. I got it from
Sven> Bruce when I started working on boot-floppies, but I don't have
Sven> enough time to do both (neyond a lot of other things).

Sven> Tasks involve:
Sven> building the regular packages kernel-image, kernel-source etc.
Sven> enhance the packaging procedure

	Umm, I don't understand -- are you unhappy with
 kernel-package? How would you want the packaging enhanced?
 kernel-package was created (back when Simon used to create the
 packages) to help out with the kernel packages maintainer, so they
 could concentrate on the *content*, and leave adminstravia to the
 kernel-package maintainer. This used to work well in the past. 

	If I have been remiss, I apologize. Could you send me a list
 of changes you wish to see in the packaging scheme?

	I would rather not see two different schemes of packaging
 kernels used in debian. This is a critical part of the project, and
 should not be allowed to splinter (can you imagine the confusion if
 there were a bug in one schema and not the other?)

Sven> integrate well-tested patches
Sven> create special kernels
Sven> help people who blame the kernel for their problems
Sven> some cooperation with the boot-floppies maintainers (currently
Sven> Dale Scheetz and me) 

	manoj, (confused)
 "The Heinlein Woman to me is this woman who goes out and rules the
 galaxy, smokes a cigar, uses a machine gun and all, but what she
 really wants is to bring her husband his slippers." paraphrase, based
 on peter@sugar's memory of a quote by Joan D. Vinge
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