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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

'Guy Maor wrote:'
>Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> writes:
>> There are several principles the developer overlooked.
>And what are those?

Easy upgrades.  Not breaking dselect with impossible to resolve
dependency information.  Use of Provides.

>>   if package is depended on my many packages, be conservative and
>> don't conflict with said package (merely replace and provide).
>That will achieve a completel different purpose - the old package
>won't be uninstalled.

I think most of the old tex packages can be automatically uninstalled
with a variation on this.  But the tetex-base and/or -bin need to
Provides the old packages so things don't blow up in process.

>> - Why does tetex-doc " Conflicts: latex2e-doc" and "Replaces:
>> latex2e-doc"?  They seem to have no files in common.
>/usr/info/latex* are identical in content.

$ dpkg -c bo/binary/tex/tetex-doc_0.4pl6-1.deb | grep \/usr\/info

Shows up no such files.

>> Finally, I dislike the "non-conceptual" names of the packages.  Why
>> can't tetex-base and tetex-bin be merged into one package?  When would
>> I need to install tetex-dev?  Etc,
>tetex-base = arch independent
>tetex-bin  = arch dependent, ie - binaries
>tetex-dev  = tetex development, ie  - you want to compile tetex

I was wrong on this point.

>>  I still think it's
>> prudent to hold off until the next release.
>Do you use TeX alot, Chris?  I ask because, in my opinion, the 1.2
>distribution is crap, and tetex is the standard TeX distribution

Not a lot.  Though I used it recently.  We just had a long thread on
QA.  And I think we shouldn't allow packages that break dselect.  I
think tetex can be packaged so that it doesn't break dselect.  This
idea should be pursued before the ugly manual intervention scripts are
brought out, IMHO.

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