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More mail locking problems !!!

I've found lately mail locking problems on my bo system.
The incriminated package(s) seems to be:
ii  exmh            1.6.9-4        An X user interface for MH mail.
ii  mh              6.8.4-10       A set of electronic mail handling 
ii  sendmail        8.8.5-1        A complex mail transport agent.
ii  deliver         2.1.12-2       Local mail delivery agent.

What happens is that sometimes a .lock file remains here, and 
nobody's able to break the stale lock.
Tonight I experienced more fun with a .lock that wouldn't diseapear 
(it was recreated instaneously my exmh-bg).

As deliver, exmh and mh haven't been updated lately, I was wondering 
if something would have changed within libc ?


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