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Re: Possible framework for `dpkg-dev/debmake replacement'

On Feb 25, Manoj Srivastava wrote
> 	I was just interpreting the subject, and trying to keep the
>  focus on debmake, which is (a) what I am interested in discussing,
>  and (b) what the thread had been about. (I'd probably do this for any
>  thread, but I have a special interest in this topic).
> ...
> 	I hope this clarifies things, and if anyone wants this task,
>  please come forward and I'll quite happily step down.

I does clarify things, though I still think we have some signifcant
differences of opinion.  

I'm an excuciatingly slow writer and, consequently, have been spending
way too much time on this thread.  I'm going to wait until after you
post your list of requirments before commenting any further.

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