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Re: Possible framework for `dpkg-dev/debmake replacement'

On Feb 24, Manoj Srivastava wrote
> >>  If you-all really mean dpkg, this is out of the scope of this
> >> requirements process.
> David> By who's decision?
> 	Call the subject dpkg improvements if you want to talk about
>  that, and I'll be a polite spectator (calling it debmake replacement
>  confuses me, and calls for my active participation; I'm interested in
>  getting a movement on the debmake issue).

There, I edited the 'Subject:' line.  Now everything I've talked about
it in scope, right?  :-)

The reason I asked "By who's decision?" is because you are sounding
like you have appointed yourself the final arbiter of what is in scope
and what the requirements will be.  If Bruce or the BOD chartered you
to form a team to design a debmake (and only a debmake) replacement,
then I apologize for questioning your position.  I've been quite
inundated with email lately and it's possible I missed the message
chartering the effort you are trying to lead.  If I didn't miss any
such email, then I don't think we've heard from enough developers yet
to claim any consensus on what is and isn't in scope.

> 	I'll definitely look at implementing a spec kind of thing
>  (could someone mail me a rpm spec file, please?) into the document
>  I'm building (look for a posting in a couple of days).

I'll try to send you one.  Keep in mind that I'm not saying we should
copy everything in RPM's .specs file -- just that we should
incorporate some of the ideas expressed there.

> 	I apologize if me demeanor has offended people on the list,
>  such was not my intent.

I don't think anyone has been offended.  I'm glad that we've all kept
this cordial and haven't resorted to personal attacks.  At least I
think we've kept things cordial.

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