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Re: Possible framework for `debmake replacement'

On Feb 21, Manoj Srivastava wrote
> 	Can we get back to the requirements process now?

OK, here is my initial list of requirements.  At this point, I am only
focusing on the package generation aspects.  I will leave the package
selection aspects to others for now.  Furthermore, although the
package installation/removal aspects could use some improvement, they
are satisfactory don't need to be changed for the time being.

The entire build process starting from Debianized source to the
generation of source and binary packages shall be possible via the
execution of a single, high-level command.

It shall be possible to execute the component steps of the build
process individually.

The build process shall support the generation of multiple binary
packages from a single source package.

The build process shall be controlled by a single configuration file.

To the greatest extent possible, the configuration file shall consist
of a description of the source and binary packages rather a series of
commands of commands to be executed to generate binary packages.

It shall be possible to generate simple binary packages (those that do
not require any custom installation/removal support) with only a
configuration file.

To the greatest extent possible, the infrastructure needed by the
build process shall be provided by and stored with the packaging

To the greatest extent possible, packaging policy shall be implemented
by the packaging system.

The build process shall automate the handling of configuration files,
e.g. conffiles, SYSV init scripts, crontabs, services, etc.

The build process shall automate the handling of documentation files,
e.g. copyrights, text files, examples, info files, HTML files, etc.

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