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Re: Simple solution to pre-installation configuration

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Richard G. Roberto wrote:

richr >> My example configure script with the adpkg package already reads
richr >> /var/lib/config/packagename and then asks the user for changes. Is that
richr >> what you are looking for? A reconfiguration is simply another
richr >> configuration.
richr >
richr >Well, yeah, I guess.  But ultimately, there should be a way to
richr >tell adpkg wich you prefer up front (i.e. "don't ask, just take
richr >defaults for missing values", "replace current config with new
richr >default", etc.).  Sort of a configure profile so that perhaps a
richr >command line switch can change this behavior (or an environment
richr >variable?).  I'll take a look at adpkg, maybe this is already the
richr >case.

The "dont ask" policy means simply not running the configure script. The
package notes that no /var/lib/config/package exists and assumes defaults.

Other behavior could be standardized with a command line parameter to 
the configure script.

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