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Re: More support for European users in Debian

Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco@icenet.fi> wrote:
>(just to let you understand I'm one of those mad boys who thinks that
>dubbing in movies and tv are "a good thing" and that it should be
>improved. Such a conviction is considered like a cultural crime here in
>Finland :-)

The cultural perception in the nordic countries, could be greatly improved.

>I remember when I first studied COBOL (yes, I've done this also!) that
>in the book all the statements were translated into italian. MOVE became
>MUOVI, READ became LEGGI and WRITE SCRIVI ... a nightmare, as you can
That's peanuts... In iceland they designed an oo programming language quite
some years back, fully icelandic.  Geez... now that was a real horror :-)

>The problem is not in the system, nor in the daemons. It could be in the
>existing software that analize that output, not only beacause of the
>language (think of dots changed in comas; changes in the collate order
>are unbeliaveble!). I had incredible problems when IBM decided that all
>AIX 3 be installed with the locale setting by default ... even forcing
>the change in /etc/environment didn't solved the problem because of cron
>execution ... I had to order a new tape in Danmark and reinstall
>If you consider that you can collect sysinfos in a network you can
>imagine that having common formats is mandatory, even if some machines
>are setted in different locales.

  The understanding of the computer isn't in the language... anymore than
the understanding of music is in the notes.  You can teach somone the notes,
but not to create music... yet everybody can make some noise.  And the way
for the user... is to feel at home with the computer... to feel in control
of the computer.  And for that to happen, the computer has to have an
environment that is *native* to the user.

  Currently, this is quite the opposite... most users, are like musical
students who are paying a lot of money on music schools, learning notes,
and then they come home and training on their instrument, they manage to
scare away the cats :-)


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