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Re: More support for European users in Debian

On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Winfried Truemper wrote:

> "Unused" in the sense of "for all languages". Although I've only set
> LANG=de_DE (a total of 220k), /usr/share/locale takes up 2MB disk
> space. This may be even more in the future, if Debian ships all the
> available message-files for the GNU-software.
> It has to be configurable somewhere in the future which languages are
> supported by a Linux-Box. Otherwise it will take up much disk-space (I
> would estimate 46MB for all message-files in all languages).

We desperately need an update to dpkg to handle this and other problems.
The binary packages should contain all message-files, but only the
appropriate ones should be unpacked. Maybe a command like this:-

dpkg -i blah.deb --dir-exclude /usr/share/locale --dir-include \

Maybe these sorts of things could be stored in a defaults file, created at
install time, when the installer says "what language do you want?".

If someone wants to add/remove another language, they do a dpkg -iGROEB
<dir>, and dpkg adds or removes the appropriate files from those packages.

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