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Re: More support European users in Debian

Fabrizio Polacco, you wrote:
> I don't agree.
> Suppose I've got an account on your machine which is set by default to
> icelantic, and then the system displays some strange warning before I
> can log in ...
> A global setting would influence also root, and therefore all system
> messages and the programs that scans this output ...
> This looks to me like a bad idea.
> Please, leave English as the default AND root language and add easy
> configuration commands to let a user select (and change on the fly)
> language and locale, as he can just now do with keyboard and timezone.
If I'm Icelandic, and my machine is set to Icelandic root... how many 
non-Icelandic users (in percentage) do you think I'm likely to have in Iceland?
0%? 0.1%?? :-)

Or perhaps I'm hispanic, in the States and am providing some computer services
to my hispanic community... ok, everybody speak english... but everybody speaks
hispanic too, as a first language.

And even in Finland... people are only SEMI-litterate in English... may hurt
your feelings.  but its true.

And if you'd ever get an account on my machine, you'd have to ask for it... and
as a serviceable guy, I'd probably ensure your login environment would be one
that would be useable to you.  But it should up to me... the owner and
maintainer of the system weather my system has NL as root language, or not.
It should *not* be forced upon me as English (For one, thats tyrannic and I
just HATE Tyrants :-)

Ørn Einar Hansen                         oe.hansen@halmstad.mail.telia.com
                                    fax; +46 035 217194

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