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Re: More support European users in Debian

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
> And if you'd ever get an account on my machine, you'd have to ask
> for it... and as a serviceable guy, I'd probably ensure your login
> environment would be one that would be useable to you. 
> But it should up to me... the owner and maintainer of the system
> weather my system has NL as root language, or not.
> It should *not* be forced upon me as English (For one, thats
> tyrannic and I just HATE Tyrants :-)

Glab, Ørn, I didn't want to polemize, not from the wrong side! :-)

I had the same discussion on it@li.org and I was shut like a duck during
the season ...

The point was that translating also the system messages and localizing
demons would break existing tools that expects that output in english.
On the other side, tools modified to accept another language will break
if something goes wrong during the boot.

Root should be used only by an expert sysadm, and a sysadm MUST know
English, almost the meaning of the system messages.

By the user's point of view, this is reduced only to know the words
"login" and "password" ... (can explain this in the motd :-)

Anyway, how the wg15 package can set the LANG ?
I also remember someone (Erik?) complaining about the huge amount of
unused stuff installed by it.

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