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Re: More support European users in Debian

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
> >I would like to see the system allowing different users to
> >use different languages settings, contemporary or not, from the
> > console (means using the same keyboard) or logging from
> > remote/serial connections.
> Hear hear...
> However an initial setup with LANG wouldn't hurt... as long as its
> running functionality wouldn't be removed.
> Thus a user in Holland would choose LANG=nl as his initial setup,
> and the system would work in that locale as default (as opposed to
> english as default), but a user could change his own LANG variable
> to reflect another language environment for his private use, just
> as now.

I don't agree.
Suppose I've got an account on your machine which is set by default to
icelantic, and then the system displays some strange warning before I
can log in ...

A global setting would influence also root, and therefore all system
messages and the programs that scans this output ...

This looks to me like a bad idea.
Please, leave English as the default AND root language and add easy
configuration commands to let a user select (and change on the fly)
language and locale, as he can just now do with keyboard and timezone.

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