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Re: Non-free section

liw@iki.fi (Lars Wirzenius)  wrote on 13.01.97 in <[🔎] m0vjfhx-000Ai2C@liw.clinet.fi>:

> Our top level directory is getting a bit big. We might want to
> re-organize the whole directory tree so that all parallel
> distributions that should work together are put into the same
> subdirectory:
> 	bo/
> 		contrib/
> 		debian/
> 		non-free/
> 		non-US/

I always thought that we have too much in the top level. My preference  
would be something like this:


stable -> distributions/rex
unstable -> distributions/bo

or similar - that is, everything except the *published* names (most of  
which are symlinks anyway) gets shoved down in the hierarchy, out of the  

Of course, as has already been mentioned, we'd have to implement this  
slowly, not to choke the mirrors.

Anyway, I've always thought that the root directory should fit on one  
screen without scrolling. About 20 entries max.

MfG Kai

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