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Re: required to be root? (Was: Debian development using ...)

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, John Goerzen wrote:

> > I have a question related to this.  It does seem that to
> > build a package one needs to be root.  A consequence of this
> > it that when I run dpkg-buildpackage, it tries to sign the
> > resulting package with the root pgp key.  This doesn't seem
> > correct to me.
> Yeah, it is perhaps a bug...
> > What do folks do to get around this problem?
> I just made a symlink into my user account's .pgp directory, like thus
> ln -s ~jgoerzen/.pgp ~root/.pgp
> Works for me.  I don't try to modify PGP or anything as root, so it should be 
> OK.

I have a patched version of dpkg-buildpackage that handles using
dpkg-buildpackage -r"su root -c".  It doesn't seem to break
anything and it lets me use su to do su'ly things ;-)  I posted
it to this list a while ago, but Ian replied asking me not to
"progagate it further".  His point is that su (which has been
around in all of its behavior for a fairly long time) has broken
behavior and shouldn't be used.  Thus I have honored his request,
but Lars offered another suggestion -- create a script that calls
su -c and call it!  It should probably be "su -c $@" or something.

Thinking that sudo is more appropriate for su'ing that using su is
silly.  Sudo is a campus toy at best.  Relying on it for security
is just not appropriate in my environment.


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