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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> Wouldn't it suffice to introduce a Severity field, which could
> be set to "critical" at once?

Yes, but be carefull: 'forwarded' and 'upload-pending' are no serverity
attributes. Those are state reports. They can eighter be appended to the
serverity flag "important forwrded" "unknown" "security-hole upload-pending"
or stored in an extra field. This cuts the list down to:

> 	feature-request	request of feature or other enhancement,
> 			which don't affect the usability of the
> 			package; Debian maintainer of the package
> 			expects to be able to provide the feature
> 			herself, instead of forwarding it
> 	unknown		default level for all new packages; no need
> 			be changed for most packages, especially if
> 			bug is closed quickly
> 	important	bug makes package unusable, but doesn't affect
> 			important parts of the system (meaning that
> 			most people won't be affected); bug should be
> 			fixed if package is to be part of the next
> 			release
> 	critical	bug makes important parts of the system not
> 			work correctly (most people will be affected),
> 			and must be fixed before the next release (and
> 			preferably today)
> 	security-hole	bug compromises system security and must be
> 			fixed very quickly, preferably within hours


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