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Re: package questions ...

"Richard G. Roberto" <richr@Bear.COM> writes:

> inconsistent.  I'm trying to build a simple tool for local use
> here and want to know the "best" place to get metainfo on
> packages (both installed and not installed).

Installed - dpkg -s package
Not installed - a Packages file from the ftp site.

The Installed-Size field is only present in new source-format packages
because the old format didn't support it.  The Size field is simply
the size of the resulting .deb, so cannot be in the .deb's control.

available info is taken from control files, so Size isn't present.
Packages info is built with dpkg-buildpackage which takes control
files and adds some fields (size, md5sum, location of .deb) and
overrrides some fields (section, priority, maintainer).


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