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Re: Shadow passwords and 1.3

Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net> wrote:
>Either I remove su from shellutils, or I compile GNU su to work with
>shadow, which makes shadow-su obsolete.  I really feel the latter
>is the better solution, unless shadow-su comes with really cool
>features which GNU su lacks.  The su manpage and info documentation

As I understand it, shadow-su only allows a user to su to root if s/he
is a member of the root (or would it be wheel?) group (gid 0). GNU su
allows _anybody_ to su to root. RMS believes the wheel group to be
"fascist"; I personally feel that it is a reasonable security measure.
(it makes it that much harder for Joe Bloggs to sniff out the root
password, and use it - he also has to get the root password to an
account with membership in {root,wheel}.)

Hmm. Sometimes I wish I could just do something like

sleep 28800 &

and keep on working... :-)

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