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Re: Non-free section

On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

> so there will be broken symlinks in the cdrom, or package files with
> description for files that doesn't exist, do dpkg -iGROEB will fail, and
> you will not be able to install anything. 
> a) i don't like the idea to have cdroms of debian with bad symlinks. it
> 	yust doen't look good.
> b) i don't like the idea to have cdroms of debian with bad Package files
> 	(the might include Packages that will not exist.
> c) i don't like the idea to have cdroms of debain, that can not used to
> 	install debian, because dpkg will fail of a) or b).

As a CD toaster, I check all symlinks and typically build my own Packages
files. The problem will not be symlinks, but other packages in the
distribution depending on packages in non-free and contrib. We already
have had problems with packages in the distribution trying to depend on
contrib packages. 
The whole reason for non-free is to provide a distinction between "free"
software and distribution restricted sofware. As soon as you couple it up
with the free distribution you distroy the distinction. 
As this is counter to Debian's fundamental principals non-free and
probably contrib, should not become part of the distribution tree.



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