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Re: Non-free section

On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, Marek Michalkiewicz wrote:

marekm >> > If Cd-Roms are made then obviously a couple of dangling symlinks exist.
marekm >> > The Cd-Rom owner could then retrieve the non-free directory tree via ftp
marekm >> > and have a complete distribution.
marekm >
marekm >Problem is, these dangling symlinks on a CD-ROM can't be changed, so
marekm >the CD-ROM would have to be mounted at the right location (relative to
marekm >the location where the non-free packages are).  And how about people
marekm >who want to make CD-ROMs containing non-free too, for personal use?

The Cdroms with non-free are no problem since they would also contain the
non-free section and therefore the links would be fine.

The Problem with CDs without non-free can easily be solved by shipping an
empty non-free directory. Mount the ftp'ed non-free section at that point
and all is fine. Or ship a non-free directory that is a symlink pointing
to /non-free. The user can then make a symlink to whatever in his root

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