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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases


On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, David Frey wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 8 1997 10:12 EST Fabien Ninoles writes:
> > 
> > 	- Having the main debian distribution including normal Linux package
> > 	  plus some popular extra but no source and no development except 
> > 	  for the most important such as does who are already in stable.
> > 	- Keeping contrib as it is.
> > 	- Divided non-free in two: stable and unstable.
> > 	- including some add-on repertories such as developpers ressources,
> > 	  extra packages, docs, meta-packages, reviews and magazine, etc.
> > 
> I see the need for a possible split, but don't like the idea as stated 
> above.
> One big goal of Debian is that anything under the /debian directory is
> *freely distributable and usable* (be it GPLed or BSD-Licensed or some 
> other
> free license). Moreover, we want be as complete as RedHat or Slackware, 
> don't we?

May be the idea of cutting in main aren't good but I really think that if we
want Debian be a viable system for both users and distributers (both CD, FTP
or whatever comes next), we must making some arrangement in the directory.
Debian are a really big distributions with many choice for all users. More of
that, the package are really easy to done with debmake and it can be cool if
some site would like to make their own distribution without gathing with 
the Official distribution (such as a Guthenberg distribution or CTAN).
Currently, if dselect support local distribution, they are no official 
way of doing so. We'll solve lot of problems by doing so including 
problems to come.

The only fallback I see was long threads about if PackageX will be add or 
not in Debian Standard Distribution (looks about Qmail recently). 


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