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Re: Orphaned bugs?? [Was: Unanswered problem reports]

I wrote:
> > Shouldn't we force the use of our debian.org address in the
> > Maintainer field, just to have coesion in this list (and avoid
> > problems with expired addresses found in old packages) ?

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Even debian.org addresses expire. It's better to fix it by uploading
> new packages with updated addresses.

But when it expires on master it means that the developers is no longer
active, so this is a change of maintainer case, not a change of address.

Fixing a changed address uploading new packages in unstable and/or in
stable takes some time to reach all the mirrors and still you'll have
mountains of CD out there with your wrong address.

Rob Browning answered:
> Why?  Then everyone would just have their Debian accounts forwarded,
> and when the forwarded address breaks, we'd be in the same situation
> as now, or am I missing something?

Well, changing a .forward file on master is even faster than uploading
new versions of all your packages (Christoph would spend a life  :-)

Anyway the problem with Ian's report is that some maintainers are listed
in different places, depending on their address; this makes the report
less usefull.

> Forcing people to use new mail addresses will do very little
> to make things fun for developers. For instance, it makes it
> more difficult for us to configure mail software to recognize
> mail that is addresses directly to us.

I absolutely will take a look at your scripts.
(I'm having problems with procmail that splits forwarded posts in
different folders...)

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