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Re: upgrading /etc/passwd (was Re: List of ... problems for 1.2)

Santiago Vila Doncel <sanvila@ctv.es> writes:

> Oh, yes, just "ar x package.deb" and then tar xzvf data.tar.gz etc/passwd
> But I was thinking about the end user...

You don't have to use the conffile mechanism to handle your conffiles.
You can handle them totally in postinsts.  That's what base-passwd
should be doing.

base-passwd would not include /etc/passwd in it.  Instead its postinst
would be something like this:


read current /etc/passwd

read desired /etc/passwd from DATA

for new name, new uid in desired
  add it

... better to just alert sysadmin of other errors and not try to
handle them as it could certainly break things if we changed homes,
uids, etc. ...

0::...the desired /etc/passwd goes here.

There would be a similar merging for /etc/group.


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