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X: keycodes


i'm using recent Xfree 3.2 with xfree86 keyboard layout and german
de-latin1 keymap (no dead keys).

in fvwm* i'm using ctrl-arrow to navigate between the virtual screens.
now i found out, that when numlock is on, i cannot navigate with
ctrl-arrows. why does this happen ? numlock should only affect the
number block, not the arrows in the middle.

i have a cherry keyboard (102 key, german layout + win95 keys :-(. model
rs6000), but i don't think this has anything todo with the keyboard.
is this a bug or a feature of xfree86 or fvwm* (i'm using fvwm95, but
the code will be the same in fvwm2 i think).

regards andreas

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