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Re: Where to put sound stuff in the menus?

> Well, playing violent games should be made hard ;)
> Seriously, I don't think we have too many violent games, 
> that they would need a own category.

If you're referring to the /Apps/Games/Arcade/Violent that I propesed at
one point, I looked at the arcade games I have, and _all_ of them are
violent to some degree (except tetris), so I just dropped the Violent
submenu. :-)

Maybe we're not counting submenus in the same way. I thought
/Apps/Games/Arcade was 3 levels deep? You say it's just 2 levels deep?

> But a /games submenu? It could be logical, since games are not apps
> in the sense apps are usually understood. But I dont really think that
> games are that important that they need a own root hierachy... 

I think we need to decide if the menu system is designed to divide apps
strictly hierarchically or if it's designed to make it easy to launch the
programs you often want to launch. Right now / is cluttered up with
sibdirecotries for Screen Savers, Screen Blankers, X shells, etc.. If the
idea is to make it easy to launch stuff, Games should go in / too. If
we want a nice clean hierarchy, a lot of that stuff should be moved under
Apps or elsewhere so it doesn't clutter up the root menu.

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