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Re: some netstd changes ...

On Mon, 30 Dec 1996, Chris Fearnley wrote:

> 'Peter Tobias wrote:'
> >
> >I'll upload a new netstd package soon. If there are no objections I'll
> >also do the following changes:
> >
> >- remove pop2d (do we need a pop-2 daemon?)
> OK.
> >- remove pop3d (we already have 2 better pop3 daemons)
> I use this and would not like to see it broken on those systems that
> haven't upgraded to qpopper yet.  In principle, I think it's a good
> idea (a smaller netstd).  However, if the security bug fix requires
> that this goes into rex, I think the change should wait for a bo only
> release.

Is there any reason why popclient shouldn't be removed as well in favour
of fetchmail (which _IS_ a newer version of popclient)?

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