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Re: Problems with Quake and Quake-lib

On Tue, 31 Dec 1996, Joey Hess wrote:

> > Well, suggests is more appropriate, since dselect treats recommends 
> > almost as strictly as depends. A notice in the description would also be
> > appropriate. 
> IMHO, the way dselect treats recommends is broken. Other people seem to
> agree with me, but noone's fixed it yet... But I think that recommends is
> what I should use here, and I'm not going to cater to a broken dselect.

I agree with you about the brokenness, but I guess I'm just a little more
pragmatic about how to deal with it. My position is to make the package
as easy to install as possible, rather than leave spikes that remind
everyone of the problem.

> What do you mean about adding a notice in the description? You mean add
> something to the description that suggests to them they install quake if
> they install quake-lib? I'd rather let dselect or whatever take care of
> that.

But if they can install quake-lib with dselect without installing quake,
then nothing breaks, and the user doesn't have problems to deal with. A
notice in the description would help determining "just what the heck did I
install this thing for?".

I understand your position, I just don't agree that this is an appropriate
method for driving dselect development.



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