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Who maintains the goals list? [was Re: Goals for 1.3?]

Hi folks!

IMHO it is very important now that we collect all possible jobs we want to
work for the next releases and decide _soon_ what we want to have in 1.3.
This will save us lots of troubles with the next release.

So who is our "integrator" now? If I remember right Bruce is currently
doing this. I suggest we define a person who is responsible for the
list of "goals" and for the release times. This person should collect the
information here and make a nice list out of it. The decisions, about the
release deadlines and what features we want to have can be made by someone
else, perhaps Bruce?

Brian, are you still intrested in maintaining the list? IMHO you did a
great job on that last time.

If noone else wants to take this, I would volunteer (_just_ to maintain
the list, not to make any decisions), since I think this is very important
if we want to avoid the troubles we had before 1.2.

I'm thinking of discussing all changes here on this list and having
someone make the decision about when we want to include some feature. The
list be posted here whenever something is changed and _also_ made
available via the web so that every developer can have a look at the
_latest version_ of this list (otherwise it gets burried under lots of
emails here).

It would also be nice to have a little more info about what is meant be
the different tasks and I would suggest that we specify a responsible
person for each task, that knows all the technical details about a change.
For example, we could say the maintainer of libc (don't know who is that)
is the person every maintainer can contact if he has problems ported his
packages to a newer libc.

According to the latest version of this list (by Brian) we have the
following deadlines:

Thu, Jan 30, 1997 -- Bo will be frozen.

Tue, Feb 25, 1997 -- Bo will be released.

We should say _now_ if we want these dates or if we want to have more
time. Of course this depends on how much and what we want to change in
"Bo". I would suggest not to change too much but get the next release out
in time.

Just my 2 cents,


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