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Re: uHm... what happened? :)

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Reinhardt <jmr@everest.radiology.uiowa.edu> writes:

Joe> Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:
>> I just noticed that syslogd is complaining about a Bad file number
>> about a zillion times since I rebooted.  Reinstalling the sysklogd
>> package seemed to fix that - probably another corrupt file.  :-(

Joe> I have had this same trouble since doing an upgrade of a bunch of
Joe> packages packages (including new kernel 2.0.27).  Reinstalling
Joe> the sysklogd seems to have fixed it.

>> From my log:

Joe> Dec 10 17:46:26 davinci syslogd 1.3-0#11: restart.  Dec 10
Joe> 17:46:26 davinci kernel: klogd 1.3-0, log source = /proc/kmsg
Joe> started.  Dec 10 17:46:26 davinci syslogd 1.3-0#11: restart.  Dec
Joe> 10 17:46:26 davinci syslogd: select: Bad file number Dec 10
Joe> 17:46:57 davinci last message repeated 106102 times Dec 10
Joe> 17:47:58 davinci last message repeated 332102 times

Joe> ...etc..

Strange, I had exactly the same problem, the same log, with kernel
2.0.25.  It used to happen all the time but since I switched to 2.0.27
2 days ago, I haven't noticed it again.  I haven't re-installed

Billy C.-M. Chow 
Department of Systems Engineering       
The Chinese University of Hong Kong    
email: cmchow@se.cuhk.edu.hk           

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