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Some problems with upgrade to 1.2

Well, here's the bug report:

 * perl failed to upgrade.  Basically broke a good part of dselect.  I had to
   download it manually and install it with dpkg -i.  This caused a *lot*
   of packages to fail to install until I installed perl manually.
 * gcc failed to upgrade.  Somehow, it deleted my existing gcc and didn't
   install a more recent one!
 * A "paradox" of sorts -- x3270 will not configure itself properly if it is
   not running under X, yet you cannot upgrade to 1.2 from under X since it
   will kill xdm.

Also, I was quite surprised to see that Debian has not yet gone to shadow 
passwords.  Somebody want to tell me why?

The menu in fvwm was woefully small.  There isn't even an xterm entry there.

The new menuing system for X (which looks promising) somehow ignores fvwm95.  
That's not good.  I prefer fvwm95, it uses the same config file format, so why 
does the menuing system not function for fvwm95 also?

On another note, is anybody making an rxvt-xpm package?  And if not, I'd 
volunteer to do so, if somebody could please point me to the documentation 
telling me how :-)

John Goerzen

John Goerzen          | System administrator & owner, The Communications
Custom programming    | Centre and Complete Network (complete.org)
jgoerzen@complete.org | Free Unix shell access, 316-367-8490 w/ your modem.

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