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Re: New pacakge ...

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Richard G. Roberto wrote:

> I hope this is OK.  Anyway, when I use dpkg-buildpackage to do
> the build, I need to do it as root, or it barks.  However, root
> does not have a PGP profile at all (and will not), so the
> signing stuff fails.  I tried feeding "pgp -u richr" as the pgp
> command, but that apparently just looks in roots secret ke file
> for user richr (and root doesn't have a secret key ring).
> I also tried using -p"su richr -c pgp" which seems like it should
> work after having a look at the dpkg-buildpackage script, but it
> doesn't.  

WRT the -p parameter, I believe it may not have spaces. Try putting: 'su
richr -c pgp' into a script and put the script name into the -p option.
However, for me the better fix is to use sudo, although I put my pgp stuff
as the only thing on root's keyring, so you might still have problems with

> Anyhow, the binary package builds with a different
> md5sum than the one I built from debian/rules by hand.  I have no
> idea what to make of this.  your suggestions would be
> appreciated.
Probably some small change from one build to the next?



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