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Re: New pacakge ...

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"Richard G. Roberto":
> I hope this is OK.  Anyway, when I use dpkg-buildpackage to do
> the build, I need to do it as root, or it barks.

The way to do it is like this:

	1. Install sudo. Configure it so that the uid you use to
	   build packages can do anything by adding the following
	   line to /etc/sudoers (using /usr/sbin/visudo):
	   	liw     ALL=(ALL) ALL
	   (It's not worth it to restrict the commands to just
	   those necessary to build packages. You, or someone
	   using your account, could always edit debian/rules.)
	   Read the documentation for sudo.

	2. Run dpkg-buildpackage from your own account like this:
		dpkg-buildpackage -rsudo
	   dpkg-buildpackage takes care of invoking sudo at the
	   proper times to do only those things as root that
	   must be done as root.

You can do the same thing without sudo, by using the following wrapper
around su:

	su root -c "$*"

You would then run "dpkg-buildpackage -rsua" (if the script is called
sua). However, this requires you to type your root password every
time dpkg-buildpackage needs root access (twice or thrice per build).
sudo arranges things so that you don't need to type your own password
very often.

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