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Re: Updates on the Passwd/Group changes proposal

Philippe Troin wrote:
> Well, I got at least a few reactions.
> I haven't reclassified all the bugs related to base-passwd as I had
> problems reaching the UK site tonight.
> First, the Qmail UIDs being placed at 65000 don't please everybody.
> So what should we do ?
> I don't think that comitting 6% of the lower UID space should be a
> major problem.

You can't please everybody whatever you do.  Since it's a group of
id's, personally I'd prefer it above 65000.  Save the lower ones for
single-id allocations.

> Second, Ian Jackson posted a document in the list entitled
> "Static/dynamic uids/gids allocation". Should we take this document
> as our policy on that ?

Yes, I think you should.
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