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Re: I18N for Debian 1.3? (Or 1.4?)

Milan Zamazal wrote:
> There are some terrible languages like Czech or Slovak which
> absolutely need keyboard with dead-key and switching of two keyboards.
> That's rather easy possible on Linux console but not so easy in X.

It's not a problem related only to "terrible" languages, but affects
also who has a keyboard build for a language different from the one that
he uses, or who uses more languages.

> And what is better solution:
> 1. To make some independent Czech related Debian packages (fastest).
> 2. To try to solve the problem globally, i.e. selecting language (for
>    system and for each user) like e.g. selecting the timezone (very
>    difficult).

Timezone is related only to the place where you live, not the language
that you use. The same applies to the keyboard selection, which is
related to the place where you buy the computer.

I yet proposed to create one package for each language to install and 
activate what is needed, and to inform other packages of the user's
request to use that (those) language(s).

Actually each group suggests something to be done to use a language, but
these suggestions are not related each other, and often are in conflict
between them.

The goal that I would like to see achieved under Debian is the ability
to use and switch language with the same ease with which we can change
editor or web server.

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