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Re: Aaargh: UPLOAD: cgi-modules_2.75-6


	Umm, I'm not sure then about what I'm expected to do now. dpkg
 does not seem to want to build a new package with uppercase names. 

	If dpkg can't handle a case change in the package name, but
 does not allow packages to be built with uppercase names, and does
 not seem to honour the no-check option, either I'm missing something
 basic or I can't build a new Package. Help, anyone?

	A possible solution would be
 a) copy an old version of CGI-modules from buzz to rex, 
 b) I downgrade dpkg to let build CGI-modules
 c) someone point out a silly error I'm committing  that'll  allow me
    to build CGI-modules again (as opposed to cgi-modules)


__> dpkg --build debian/tmp ..
dpkg-deb: package name has characters that aren't lowercase alphanums or `-+.'

__> dpkg-deb --build --no-check debian/tmp ..
dpkg-deb: unknown option --no-check

Type dpkg-deb --help for help about manipulating *.deb files;
Type dpkg --help for help about installing and deinstalling packages.

_> dpkg-deb --help
Usage: dpkg-deb -b|--build <directory> [<deb>]    Build an archive.
       dpkg-deb -c|--contents <deb>               List contents.
       dpkg-deb -I|--info <deb> [<cfile>...]      Show info to stdout.
       dpkg-deb -f|--field <deb> [<cfield>...]    Show field(s) to stdout.
       dpkg-deb -e|--control <deb> [<directory>]  Extract control info.
       dpkg-deb -x|--extract <deb> <directory>    Extract files.
       dpkg-deb -X|--vextract <deb> <directory>   Extract & list files.
       dpkg-deb --fsys-tarfile <deb>              Output filesystem tarfile.
       dpkg-deb -h|--help                         Display this message.
       dpkg-deb --version | --licence             Show version/licence.
<deb> is the filename of a Debian format archive.
<cfile> is the name of an administrative file component.
<cfield> is the name of a field in the main `control' file.
Options:  -D for debugging output; --old or --new controls archive format;
          --no-check to suppress control file check (build bad package).

Use `dpkg' to install and remove packages from your system, or
`dselect' for user-friendly package management.  Packages unpacked
using `dpkg-deb --extract' will be incorrectly installed !

 Facts are God's arguments, we should be careful never to
 misunderstand or pervert them.  -- Tyron Edwards
Manoj Srivastava                                     <srivasta@datasync.com>

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