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Re: I18N for Debian 1.3? (Or 1.4?)

>>>>> "CH" == Christian Hudon <chrish@libertel.montreal.qc.ca> writes:

    CH: Actually, if people think providing a system that allows
    CH: people to input accented characters out of the box is a good
    CH: idea, I'd be willing to do it... Since I've done all this
    CH: about a year ago, it would just be a question of providing
    CH: small snippets of config files to the maintainers of the
    CH: packages that need help before accepting accented characters
    CH: from the keyboard. It'd be done for 1.3 easily.

There are some terrible languages like Czech or Slovak which
absolutely need keyboard with dead-key and switching of two keyboards.
That's rather easy possible on Linux console but not so easy in X.

As I've consulted it with our Linux experts, there is no easy solution
of dead-key in X.  Commonly used method in Czech Republic is replacing
libX11.so with modified version and customizing `Compose', etc.  I've
heard it could be done more cleanly through XKB extension.

Switching of two keyboards in X was done through scroll-lock but this
(unsupported) facility was removed in XFree 3.1.2 beta versions.  Now
it can be done through fvwm button calling `xmodmap' -- something like
changing keyboard in Windoze.

The third problem is absence of ISO 8859-2 fonts for X.  I'm now ready
to start collecting them and make an appropriate Debian package.

What do you think about such (rather exotic) problems?  Has anybody
worked in this area or could I try -- if I have time :-( -- to do
something with it?  And what is better solution:
1. To make some independent Czech related Debian packages (fastest).
2. To try to solve the problem globally, i.e. selecting language (for
   system and for each user) like e.g. selecting the timezone (very

I think I18N is easy enough for areas like Western Europe, difficult
for areas like Eastern Europe, and even more difficult for areas like

Milan Zamazal

Milan Zamazal
Student of computer science, Masaryk University, Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic
mailto:pdm@fi.muni.cz (MIME is ok)                  http://www.fi.muni.cz/~pdm
PGP public key: finger pdm@aisa.fi.muni.cz

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