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Re: Bug#5393: elvis places doc in /etc

Erik B. Andersen writes:

-> [Sound of a brilliant idea flashing in my head...]
-> Well...  Would it be acceptable for me to setup the /etc/elvis directory as
-> the config directory, per the current setup, except that I place symlinks
-> in this directory to all the other files?

Erf.  If you're going to do this, make /usr/lib/elvis the directory
with all the symlinks. Something like:

/etc/elvis contains only files that should be modified.
/usr/doc/elvis contains all the html docs
/usr/man/man1 gets the man pages, and
/usr/lib/elvis gets all the rest; anything that is not generally
configurable and not documentation, as well as symlinks to the rest.

This should satisfy the major design requirements:

- Nothing visible in /etc which isn't a config file
- Nothing in /usr which is configurable
- documentation in one place
- all files accessable from a common directory

That'd also take care of the elviscmn issue then, I think, as
everything would be back in the same place.


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