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Re: Bug#5393: elvis places doc in /etc

Hi folks!

(Erik, I sent this to debian-devel since I think it should be discussed
there. Hope you don't mind.)

On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Erik B. Andersen wrote in a mail sent to me:

> I was wondering, what
> do you think of my installing the man pages uncompressed so elvis can read
> them (It doesn't do automatic decompression).  This violates the packaging
> rules, but would allow for only one copy to be installed .  The
> alternatives are to install them compressed, and to provide elvis with
> another copy (probably in /usr/doc/elvis), or to install them compressed
> and remove all mention of them from elvis.html.  Any thoughts on this one? 

Well, as elvis can't do on-the-fly decompression it will certainly need a
non-compressed version lying around. So I would prefer having only one
un-compressed version in /usr/man/man1 instead of having two (one in
/usr/man/man1, gzipped, and one in /usr/lib/elvis). But, as you mentioned,
this violates the standard. (But I just had a look at the policy manual:
it only says "Manpages should be installed compressed", so it might not be

We already had this problem a few days ago when the files in /usr/doc are
installed gzipped and the Web Server can't decompress them on-the-fly.

I think thats the same problem and we should find an appropriate solution
to that.

I would suggest to allow such exceptions (where docs are not compressed)
as a work-around until we have discussed a better solution.

Just my $0.02,


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