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Re: Bug#5393: elvis places doc in /etc

On Thu, 14 Nov 1996, Erik B. Andersen wrote:

> mode, where you can see that the links to the man pages expect the man
> pages to be in the same directory as elvis.html, and I think changing ALL
> the links in all of the elvis docs would be a big pain.

I just had a short look at the elvis 2.0 sources and found a setting of
OSLIBPATH to "~/.elvislib:/etc/elvis" in config.h. It seams as elvis
searches in these directories for the config files and all other stuff
(online doc, etc.).

So can't we just add '/usr/lib/elvis' to that path, i.e.
	OSLIBPATH "~/.elvislib:/etc/elvis:/usr/lib/elvis"
then we could place the libs into the location where they belong (without
links--I don't like to have links that aren't necessary) and the user
could even override the provided libs in case he wants to change/fix
something by placing his own versions in /etc/elvis or even ~/.elvislib.
(This could be useful for the PS template file and string tables, etc.)

I wouldn't put too much stuff in /etc since the root partition may be

Note that I haven't tried to compile elvis with this new path yet. If you
can't get it working, I'll have a look at it. (I don't know the elvis
source code but if it is well written as the other GNU tools it shouldn't
be hard to tweak it for our purpose.)



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