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Re: Bug#5393: elvis places doc in /etc

Stuart Lamble wrote:
> andersee@et.byu.edu (Erik B. Andersen) wrote:
> [...]
> >For the man pages, they _ARE_ installed in /usr/man/man1.  The elvis source
> >distribution just put a copy in the config directory also.
> Ouch. / in most systems is a smallish partition, and doing this wastes
> space. At the very least, they should be symlinks.

[Sound of a brilliant idea flashing in my head...]

Well...  Would it be acceptable for me to setup the /etc/elvis directory as
the config directory, per the current setup, except that I place symlinks
in this directory to all the other files?  This would allow the man pages
to be only installed in /usr/man/man1 and the html docs to be only
installed in /usr/doc/elvis.  The help docs would need to be uncompressed
though for elvis to read it, forever preventing the use of debmake (I don't
currently use it for elvis, but it does like to rip through gzipping the
doc directory.)  Perhaps a subdirectory like /usr/doc/elvis/online-docs ? 
The printing stuff I suppose could go into (a mostly empty) /usr/lib/elvis
(again with sym-links to it from /etc/elvis ).  Would this work?  I think
this would allow full Debian compliance without the bother of playing with
the source more than I already have.  (I adjusted it so that the default
behavior is to start up using the termcap interface, even under X to avoid
surprising people.  I did not change the X11 interface to fall back on the
termcap interface when started with the 'vi -G x11`.  This appears to be a
problem for users of elm who like the X11 interface, but who also use elm
from the console.  I may fix this too while I am at it.  One little
statement I neglected to add...)

> Want somebody else to hack around with the sources? I've got time to burn
> between the 18th and the 30th of November... ;) (although I really want to
> settle down to some serious hardware programming for the X servers, this
> shouldn't take much time.)

Well, If you think the sym-link thing will be fine, I will just do that
tonight (and maybe the X11 thing which should be very easy), and call it
good enough for 1.2 .  If you don't think that is good enough, then you are
welcome to hunt through the sources for me for all references to path
names and adjust the makefile to define the new path names, etc...  If that
gets done, maybe we should send the changes to the upstream maintainer,
since elvis is under quite active development (2.1 alpha is now out). 


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