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Re: Bug#5393: elvis places doc in /etc

andersee@et.byu.edu (Erik B. Andersen) wrote:

>For the man pages, they _ARE_ installed in /usr/man/man1.  The elvis source
>distribution just put a copy in the config directory also.

Ouch. / in most systems is a smallish partition, and doing this wastes
space. At the very least, they should be symlinks.

>"Control-T" will bring you back to /etc/elvis/elvis.html.  Hitting
>"Control-W" followed by a "d" changes from HTML mode to regular editing
>mode, where you can see that the links to the man pages expect the man
>pages to be in the same directory as elvis.html, and I think changing ALL
>the links in all of the elvis docs would be a big pain.

True...but it can be done, I would think.

>  The other .html
>documents are linked to from elvis.html which is in the directory compiled
>into elvis in which it finds all of its docs, config files, etc...  I moved
>this directory from /usr/lib/elvis to its present location becuse I
>received a bug report stating that /usr/lib/elvis contained config files. 
>To get elvis to locate its help and doc files somewhere other than its
>config files would require that I hack the source code more than I am
>interested in hacking it right now (since I need to finish my thesis and I
>have had to do quite a bit of work on the Linux ide-cd driver recently
>since I managed to break things in Kernel 2.1.9...)  Any suggestions?

Want somebody else to hack around with the sources? I've got time to burn
between the 18th and the 30th of November... ;) (although I really want to
settle down to some serious hardware programming for the X servers, this
shouldn't take much time.)

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