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Re: Bug#5393: elvis places doc in /etc

Looks like there are a few problems with elvis here... 

Christian Schwarz wrote:
> Package: elvis
> Version: 2.0-6
> The package installs the following files below /etc:
> etc/elvis/elvis.xbm	should go under /usr/X11R6/include/X11/bitmaps/ (*1)
> etc/elvis/elvis.xpm     should go under /usr/X11R6/include/X11/pixmaps/ (*2)

Oops.  My mistake.  This will be fixed immediatly.

> etc/elvis/elvis.arf	config file, is ok here
> etc/elvis/elvis.brf	config file, is ok here
> etc/elvis/elvis.bwf	config file, is ok here
> etc/elvis/elvis.ini	config file, is ok here
> etc/elvis/elvis.lat	config file, is ok here
> etc/elvis/elvis.syn	config file, is ok here

OK, no problem.

> etc/elvis/ctags.man	manual page, should be /usr/man/man1/ctags.1
> etc/elvis/elvis.man	manual page, should be /usr/man/man1/elvis.1
> etc/elvis/fmt.man	manual page, should be /usr/man/man1/ref.1
> etc/elvis/ref.man	manual page, should be /usr/man/man1/ref.1

For the man pages, they _ARE_ installed in /usr/man/man1.  The elvis source
distribution just put a copy in the config directory also.  This is because
elvis can read, format, and display man pages directly.  If you start up
elvis, and then type ":help" you will enter the help mode, where the screen
is split into two, and the top half is in HTML browsing mode with file
/etc/elvis/elvis.html  If you hit the "Page Down" key to go the
bottom of this file it shows links to the elvis man pages.  If you "Tab" to
one of these man pages, and hit enter you can read the man page.  Hitting
"Control-T" will bring you back to /etc/elvis/elvis.html.  Hitting
"Control-W" followed by a "d" changes from HTML mode to regular editing
mode, where you can see that the links to the man pages expect the man
pages to be in the same directory as elvis.html, and I think changing ALL
the links in all of the elvis docs would be a big pain.  The other .html
documents are linked to from elvis.html which is in the directory compiled
into elvis in which it finds all of its docs, config files, etc...  I moved
this directory from /usr/lib/elvis to its present location becuse I
received a bug report stating that /usr/lib/elvis contained config files. 
To get elvis to locate its help and doc files somewhere other than its
config files would require that I hack the source code more than I am
interested in hacking it right now (since I need to finish my thesis and I
have had to do quite a bit of work on the Linux ide-cd driver recently
since I managed to break things in Kernel 2.1.9...)  Any suggestions?

> etc/elvis/elvis.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elviscut.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisdm.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisex.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisexp.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisgui.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisinp.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvismsg.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisopt.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisos.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisqr.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisre.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisses.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvistip.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
> etc/elvis/elvisvi.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis

Exact same issue as described for the man pages.  See above.

> etc/elvis/elvis.ps	lib, should go under /usr/lib/elvis

This file is inserted into any PostScript generated by elvis via the
":lp[r]" command.  I configured elvis to, by default, output Postscript
level 2 output.  This feature is nice for printing man pages and html
stuff.  elvis currently expects to find it in the same directory as the
config files, and adjusting this will require adjusting the elvis source
code, which I am too busy to do right now... 

> etc/elvis/printdoc.bat

This should be in the same directory as the documentation files
/etc/elvis/elvis*.html and the 4 man page files, as it is just a script to
startup elvis, and have it print the html and man files, using the method
described above for the elvis.ps file. This brings us back to the problem
of my being too busy to adjust the elvis source code to accomodate seperate
doc, config, print, whatever directories. 

> etc/elvis/elvis.msg 
> etc/elvis/elvis.pc8
> etc/elvis/elvistrs.msg  string table, should go under /usr/lib/elvis

These are config files, and should be listed as such.  My mistake.  I will
fix this immediatly also.

> If you have further questions, just email me.
> Chris


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