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Re: /usr/doc/<lang> | base packages

Christophe Le Bars wrote:
>  [I wrote:]
>  > Anyway my initial proposal is to split the wg15-locale package in
>  > a base package (for the iso codesets) plus one package for each
>  > locale, making these "single-locale" packages the key for the
>  > installation of all the rest for that language/territory.
> wg15-locale is only for the locale definition files, not for the
> specifics langages documentation.

I think my proposal wasn't well stated:

Firstly a premise:
All this locale stuff will be activated in a user-oriented way by the
environment variable LANG, which interacts with a large variety of
programs, so we must be carefull not to break something deciding to put
"fr" in it rather than "fr_FR" or "fr_FR.88591". A different thing are
web exported documents in which a browser option should be set (although
I think that most browsers simply asks the server for "en" documents).

We need a way to tell the system (dpkg?) that one (or more) particular
locale is installed, and thus all documentations, manpages, message
catalogs embedded in "normal" packages are to be installed in their
proper places.

The mandb upstream package (our man package) comes with messages in two
locales: de_DE *and* en_GB (I am actually trying to make them work :-)
as well as de_DE.88591 manpages.

An empty package or a basic one could be a good starting point. Packages
related to a single locale (like manpages.fr or linuxdoc-fr) should
depend on it, while other packages (like man, I mean the package, not
the program) could detect its presence to decide if the french stuff is
to be installed toghether with the english one.

Such a base package (named lang-fr or locale-fr) could be responsible
for installing all the various directories required for this locale
(like /usr/man/fr, /usr/doc/fr, /usr/lib/locale/fr, etc.) and the
symlinks that can be needed  (but no documents except its own).

I remember someone complaining because he had to install ALL the locales
to have the one he wanted.
Thus I propose to put in each of these lang-base packages the part of
wg15-locale that belongs to that language (and the part common to all
languages in a general package) and to make this package a requisite for
installing things in that language.
This will be easy to do for packages completely related to that
language, but not so easy for packages that has multi language documents
embedded in them.
This latter problem needs to be discussed deeply and maybe solved inside

I know that it is easier to consider the system "english" based, but
considering "en" as any other locale (although the default one) imposes
only a small overload to the system, but will work without changes in a
localized system.

I vaguely remember to have read that this is required by POSIX.
Certainly it's the way that other Unicies uses: AIX (just to talk about
something I know :-) puts all the original messages, manpages and info
files under the en_US locale, and nobody complains for this.

And I feel that this is also the way that GNU is doing things in libc
(once you compile a program with nls enabled you need almost one locale,
and I strongly WANT that Debian's binary be compiled in this way).

(I may be wrong on this point, because I didn't yet succeed in having
the locale work :-(   )

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