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Re: Debian package scripts

Daniel Quinlan writes:
> * There should be a separate functionality for package update.
>   The act of upgrading a package is fundamentally different from
>   removing it and deciding to install it again later.

As someone else noted, there already is support for 'updates'.

> I therefore propose that a new type of package maintenance script be
> created, "<name>.maint", where arguments define the position in the
> processing:
> ...

I made a similar suggestion last year to Ian Jackson, except I called
it <name>.config.  He said he would consider it in the future.
However, I had a different reason than saving a little disk space.  I
was having a hell of a time reading the guidelines and trying to
figure out which script got called with which parameters at which
time, especially in error situations.  IMO, it would be immensely
easier to understand (and hence, less error prone) if everything was
done in a single script with a big case statement which explicitly
listed every possible invocation with expected parameters.

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