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Re: Debian package scripts

David Engel wrote:
> Daniel Quinlan writes:
> >
> > I therefore propose that a new type of package maintenance script be
> > created, "<name>.maint", where arguments define the position in the
> > processing:
> > ...
> [...]
> IMO, it would be immensely
> easier to understand (and hence, less error prone) if everything was
> done in a single script with a big case statement which explicitly
> listed every possible invocation with expected parameters.

I agree, but in this way we will lose the ability to use the scripting
language we think fits best for the job (perl or bash, but ... why not

I think that a possibility to achieve the saving is to pack the scripts
(a tar, maybe zipped) in a single file, and have dpkg unpack them in its
workspace during execution.

On my system, with only 160 packages installed, a quick try gave me

$ du [...]
1001    /var/lib/dpkg/info
775     ./info.cat
234     ./info.cat.gz

(well, I used cat, but ... the difference is impressive)

Anyway, the possibility to bind one or more scripts to the various
stages (look at the table in 6.2 programmer's manual), maybe with the
words {preinst,postinst,prerm,postrm} as the first parameter, could be a
great help.

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