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Bug#5257: talk won't start up ...

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Frank Neumann wrote:

> [...]
> I had this problem for a while, too. I believe your problem could be that
> your machine is in a stand-alone environment (no networking board installed),
> and you do not have a route to your machine except for the one going through
> the loopback device. 

No, not the case.  My machine is connected by ethernet 24-hours a day.  As
I mentioned in my bug report, I can receive ntalk requests from other
hosts - I get the message on my terminal, e.g.

Message from Talk_Daemon@amasis at 17:11 ...
talk: connection requested by nn201@taurus.cus.cam.ac.uk.
talk: respond with:  talk nn201@taurus.cus.cam.ac.uk

But talk won't let me reply, giving that error message "Couldn't bind to
control socket".  Likewise if I try to initiate a connection.

Hmm ...


Nikhil Nair
Trinity College, Cambridge, England
Tel.: +44 1223 368353
Email: nn201@cus.cam.ac.uk

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